The Perception Shift

Das Universum ist so groß wie die Fähigkeit es wahrzunehmen

Everyone of us is in a personal field of tension between career and privat roles, between tasks and goals. The conflicts and problems which may result are manifold. Often, only a new approach or another perspective helps to dissolve the field of tension.

We obstruct the possibility of new experiences by our restrictive way of thinking and through our conditioning in perception. We are only able to perceive what we have learnt to take into our consciousness, however, we are able to change, modify and broaden our dogmas and convictions.

We measure and evaluate reality by our perceptive abilities and by the way we have learnt to interprete the sensory signals of the outside world. The things we see hear or feel make up our experiental world which we filter and interpret by the means and abilities of our own self-consciousness.

Counselling and coaching on the basis of the “Perception Shifts” - namely acquiring new perspectives, perceptual fields, ways of thinking and views of things - open new and varied possibilities for a new way of thinking and acting. The expressions “MindShift” or “ConsciousnessShift” highlight this approach. Often, we are lacking the right angle of view to get out of the problematic situation or we are fixated on our familiar concepts and restricted options.


Coaching will help to clarify the different professional problem areas and acts as a catalyser. It gives fresh impetus to stimulate reorientation, personality change and behaviour modification and to train them selectively.

When we impove our consciousness by new ways and information, we are able to react in more varied ways. We can use more possibilities during times of change. Our world is changing fast and the knowledge of quantumphysics, astrophysics, biology and brain research are impressive and overwhelming. New and unexpected resources and options will open up. Be curious. It is exciting and will enlarge the personal capabilities.

Values and value systems alter, knowledge of science and research grow together in important fields with the old doctrines of wisdom and will meet on a common level of universal consciousness. We are all connected and our thinking and acting affects the world at all levels.

© Photographs by Fabian Gehweiler
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