Celbrate the moment


No postures, contortions, exercises or routines – just relax, feel nice and easy with yourself. In that silence, sitting peacefully, all happens by itself, understanding arises of its own accord. When the moment is enough, there is no goal, no desire to be elsewhere, no turbulence.

Then energy has another dimension, the dimension of celebration in the moment.

How does one empty the mind? Not with effort, by watching. By becoming a witness. Watching passively, as one watches a river; not actively, as one waits for a lover. In this silence and ease, thoughts recede on their own, one’s mind becomes empty effortlessly. Tilopa

Let go all your expections

We always ponder and listen to the inner rumors flowing with our emotions and meld into these moments in time. Thoughts are entities and they living after there own rules coming and going and building a worldview in which we get lost sometimes. We are occupied and controlled not free we have no choice. Tilopa gives us a hint how we can come to the essence and get rid of this mind controlled life. Let go all your expections and you will see what life is all about.


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