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In Defense of the Generalist

by Carter Phipps (German translation see below)

In defense of the generalistAs I was researching my book, Evolutionaries, I made an interesting observation: This is not a world built for generalists. It is a world built for specialists. What’s valued intellectually is specialty knowledge—expertise on the mechanics of eukaryotic cells or the chemistry of black holes or the life cycles of ant colonies. Even within individual disciplines, the drumbeat of specialization takes precedence over broader systems of knowledge. It’s not enough to be a physicist; one is a particle physicist or a quantum loop theorist or a string theorist. It’s not enough to be an historian; one is an expert on Renaissance social customs or South Asian political dynamics in the eighteenth century. Indeed, the degree of specialization in our collective knowledge base is both stunning in its depth and detail and frightening in its increasing fragmentation.

“Most educated people at the beginning of the twenty-first century consider themselves to be specialists.” Writes Craig Eisendrath. “Yet what is needed for the task of understanding our culture’s evolution, and of framing a new cultural paradigm, is the generalist’s capacity to look at culture’s many dimensions and to put together ideas from disparate sources.”

The people I have come to call “Evolutionaries” are generalists for this very reason. Their critical insights are a result of thinking as a generalist must think—with a passionate but broad curiosity that fans out across culture and sees connections, patterns, transitions, and trends where others only see discrete facts and details. An Evolutionary must be able to look at the movements of nature, culture, and cosmos as a whole, yet without denying the infinite detail that surrounds us.

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Death Makes Life Possible – Trailer

Death Makes Life Possible – Trailer from Institute of Noetic Sciences on Vimeo.

“Death Makes Life Possible” explores the taboo topic of death and asks the fundamental question: How can understanding death give meaning to our lives? Marilyn Schlitz, is a cultural anthropologist and scientist who sets out to find answers to the ultimate meaning of life, death, and what lies beyond. Featuring Deepak Chopra, Mingtong Gu, Julie Beischel, Edgar Mitchell, Dean Radin, Marilyn Schlitz and some of the world’s greatest researchers of consciousness, out-of-body experiences and life-after-death – “Death Makes Life Possible” takes us on a journey of exploration beyond the physical body. Facing the fear of death can transform the experience of living. “Death Makes Life Possible” is a must see for anyone who is going to die.

For more info about the project see Institute of Noetic Science

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SCIENCE AND NONDUALITY Conference 2012 @ Zonheuvel Netherlands

SAND Conference 2012








“Tear down the immagination that there is some “thing” called self and there is some “thing” called Supreme Self.” – 
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

” A human being is part of a whole, called by us “universe”, a part limited in time and space. He experience himself, his thughts and feelings as something separated from the rest… a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons near us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in it’s beauty.” Albert Einstein


Mystics in all ages and cultures describe the self as infinite, stable and ever-present phenomena. Modern physics describe the world as a self-moving, self-designing pattern, an undivided wholeness, a dance. We, as a society, relate to the self mostly as an individual, unique, time bound form. Our common sense, as individuals and society, hasn’t caught up with this picture and it still based on long-held biases and stories. The Earth is clearly round but we still act as if it was flat…

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Physical Healing – Emotional Wellbeing

Good news! We have the capacity for a change. It starts with you and all the new and groundbreaking insight’s in Neurobiology, Psychology and of course Quantum Physics. News you can use! So, start now to improve and widen your knowledge and enjoy the journey to your own oneness. 56:55 min only…

How we can be liberated from stress, burn out, depression, immune dysfunction, relationship pressures and other emotional and physical illnesses.

Deepak Copra is a New York Times Best Selling author, Founder of the Chopra Foundation and a Gallup Senior Scientist. He has written more than 50 books. Time magazine heralds him as one of the top 100 heroes of the century.

This talk was filmed at Dartington Hall, as part of the Tagore Festival 2011.


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Marc Allen on Affirmations

New World Library co-founder Marc Allen says ANYONE can succeed in this inspiring interview with the I am Gr8ful Club about affirmations and how we can use them to create the life of our dreams.

Enjoy it!

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