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Celebrate the moment

Celebrate the moment

No postures, contortions, exercises or routines – just relax, feel nice and easy with yourself. In that silence, sitting peacefully, all happens by itself, understanding arises of its own accord. When the moment is enough, there is no goal, no desire to be elsewhere, no turbulence.

Then energy has another dimension, the dimension of celebration in the moment.

How does one empty the mind? Not with effort, by watching. By becoming a witness. Watching passively, as one watches a river; not actively, as one waits for a lover. In this silence and ease, thoughts recede on their own, one’s mind becomes empty effortlessly.

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God as the Future

God as Future

Written by  Bruce Sanguin (For German translation see below)

Theologian John Haught suggests that the best name for God, and one that is grounded in the scriptural narrative, is The Future (1).The idea of God inhabiting the future is harder to grasp than God inhabiting the past or the present. We have history books, our own personal history, and memory to assure us of the reality of the past. It’s stuff that happened already. The present is not a problem for us either. It seems undeniable, if only by our apparent incapacity to dwell fully in it, as Eckhart Tolle and other gurus of the “now” remind us. The present is this moment and we’re able to experience it by breathing deeply, stopping our chattering mind, and inhabiting our experience. It’s stuff that is happening now.

But this moment is also always about to intersect with a future that’s always in the process of arriving. There, it just arrived again. But we have difficulty granting full, existential status to the future, because the future, by definition, doesn’t exist yet. Unlike the past and present it has no content. Yet, it just arrived again. And in the moment of its arrival, it’s no longer the future. The future is always just beyond our grasp, yet always in the process of arriving.

In the Biblical book of Revelation, God is referred to as Alpha, the beginning, and Omega, the end. We’ve tended to privilege God as Alpha— Creator. But we haven’t done much thinking about how God is present as Omega—the end. Fundamentalist religion does think about God as Omega, but to these folks it means that God has fixed a predetermined end time when “He” will bring history to an abrupt and violent end. This way of thinking renders the past and the present as little more than filler. It’s just what happens while we’re hanging around for the real action—apocalyptic action—to take place. It diminishes the role of history and our personal role in shaping the future.

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The limits of English language and going beyond.

Cosmic offer

by Autumn Antal

Soft driven, slow and mad like some new language. Reaching your head with the cold, sudden fury of a divine messenger.

— Jim Morrison

Knowing what we call reality is a holographic expression of infinite consciousness playing — and knowing you are That consciousness — here are some words about words,
just for fun:

English language demands duality to exist.
English is a language built on a foundation of opposition. This can result in unique mental dysfunction for native English speakers. [I know whereof I speak.] First among them is our profound fixation on judgement. Everything is black and white in a mind that thinks constantly in polarized English words. As a culture, we are close to losing the capacity for subtlety.

In reality, opposites are complementary. This nondual vision is known to the East and to some extent in Western culture. Yet, its simplicity is often its cause for dismissal by minds desiring complication. Not to fault the mind; the mind’s job is to measure and to divide input into little bits it “thinks” it understands. However, it does further to put the tool down when not in use. Human thought is not the speed limit of consciousness we think.

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The Theory of Natural Connection

It’s time to update Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection with the far better theory of Natural Connection. Natural Selection, and its corollary, Survival of the Fittest, has too long been used to rationalize selfish behavior. We need a new theoretical lens.
The theory of Natural Connection posits that the engine of evolution is not the selfish drive to survive, but rather the innate impulse to connect— the impulse to be part of something bigger than ourselves. It’s a far better explanation for evolution since everything that exists must figure out how to stay in balanced relationship with the greater whole of which it is a part.

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Truth and error – How feelings form reality

by Roland Gehweiler

We shape reality with our feelings. According to our patterns of perception, we inscribe the blueprint of our experienced mirror image with our thoughts and feelings.

Abilities are taught, trained and individually perfected. We’re good students unable not to learn. We absorb everything to make it our own. We’re continuously growing and changing from one shape to the next. 10 Million cells die and rearrange themselves every second. A dance of light in frantic velocity.

So how can it be that we behave so stiffly and clumsily when faced with this change? Because our consciouness is forever distracted. Like a child engrossed in play, carried away – becoming One and being woven into the thread of dream. Dilligently, we weave our veil from the finest material only.
Instant to Instant. Everything we can empathise with belongs to our experience and becomes comprehensible and tangible.

Too many achetypes and ideals are being pushed too far. We use most of our time to ensure our livelihood and everything concerning our intellect is being presented to us by the media; if not other well organised coalescences force their ideals on us. We have stagnated.
We’re really good providers of energy. We allow ourselves to be constantly exploited up to total dissolution.

Truth and error are so close to each other we can’t even distinguish the boundaries anymore.

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